UBI in Vet Medicine

UBI in Vet Medicine

What is UBI?

UBI or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation is known by a number of names including, Bio-Photonic therapy, Photo-oxidative therapy and others.  It has been around since the 1920’s during which time there have been over 200 clinical studies that have been published.

In a nutshell, a small amount of blood is withdrawn from the patient, diluted with saline and then exposed to the ultraviolet light as it is re-infused back to the patient.

Why do you use those particular bands of light?

  • UVA has immune modulating capabilities.  If the immune system is suppressed or weakened, the photonic energy from this band of light can help to “kick start” the compromised system.  On the flip side, if the immune system is overreacting as in the case of allergies, UVA’s natural properties help to calm it down.
  • UVC is germicidal meaning that it inactivates pathogens.  Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid (DNA) is often referred to as “the building blocks of life”. Each and every cell of a living organism contains DNA, which acts as the “blueprint” by which the cell is able to function and reproduce. UVC light is able to penetrate the cells of microorganisms and disrupt the structure of their DNA molecules.  In doing so, the microorganism is prohibited from surviving and/or reproducing, thereby rendering it inactive and no longer pathogenic.
  • Blue Light


How does treating such a small amount of blood have such a wonderful effect? 

A UBI treatment can be understood, at least when referring to the effects of UVC, as an auto-vaccine.  Very simply, the small amount of blood containing the inactivated bacteria or virus is returned to the patient enabling its immuno-defense system to recognize and attack pathogens all throughout the body.  This kicks off a “cascade of healing” as the patients intricately designed immune system rises to the occasion and self-healing begins. 

Is UBI safe?

There has historically been a complete absence of harmful effects, either immediate or delayed, when UBI is used properly.  This has allowed clinical investigators to use this procedure over a period of twenty years and more on a single patient.  Some patients may experience flushing, slight “flu-like” symptoms, a temporary rise in temperature or chills

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Karen Tennison
Karen Tennison
6 years ago

Looking for info on how to buy a Chimp UV for small animals. Number is disconnected. If anyone has any forwarding info for this company, please contact me at karenann@cfl.rr.com. In a hurry to save kitty!

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