It has been one of the most wonderful adjuncts to my practice.     

O3UV is a phenomenal way to promote health in our pets naturally. Because of its ability to inactivate bacteria and virus while at the same time stimulating the immune system, it is my tool of choice!

Dr. Margo Roman - Hopkinton, MA

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     Ozone therapy is probably the best thing I've added to my practice in my entire career.    

Ozone therapy is one of the easiest possible treatments to administer.  It’s really a great investment because it will literally help every animal.  It’s something the technician can administer and it will also help to build the confidence of the clients.

Dr. Judith Shoemaker Nottingham, PA

     It saved the horse and saved the foal.    

Another great case was a mare that had a uterine infection for over two years.  She was on some very aggressive therapy and finally this year we started lavaging with ozonated saline and we’ve delivered two embryos so far.  That’s the first time that’s happened in over two years with this mare….we’re fighting chronic endometritis.

Dr. Scott Bennett - Simpsonville, KY

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     I have one technician that does ozone all day long.    

It makes total sense even if you only use it a couple of times a day, but once you start using it, you're going to find out that you'll use it so much more than two times a's a perfect modality for any conventional or holistic practice.

Dr. Diana Drumm - San Diego, CA

 We had a real miracle case and now ozone is something we use in all of our cancer cases.   

A Golden Retriever came to us in respiratory distress having received a diagnosis of cardiac cancer. It was recommended for the dog to just go home and be euthanized in the next ten days. She came and and we did ozone therapy with UV on her for five days and then did it twice the second week. We had it ultrasounded by a specialist and she could find no cancer. We're now six months into this and completely cancer free.

Dr. Dan Ahrens - Houston, TX