You may have heard the term “rectal ozone” or “rectal ozone insufflation” and wondered, “Now how does that work!?”  I’m here to tell you that although it may not sound all that wonderful, rectal ozone insufflation is a fantastic and simple way to do ozone therapy.  There are at least seven different ways that a doctor or veterinarian can treat a patient with ozone therapy.  Major Autohemotherapy, Vaginal insufflation, Rectal insufflation and ozonated saline account for the primary ways in which a health provider will treat many chronic and acute conditions.  Some of the other methods are used in specific conditions but we’re not going to focus on them now.Hummingbird rectal ozone therapy kit

If you have heard about ozone therapy and all of its health benefits it may interest you to know that you can perform either vaginal or rectal ozone insufflation on your pets in the comfort of your home!  That’s right, you don’t even have to visit the vet.  Rectal insufflation in particular has been used for many years as the primary form of ozone therapy administration used in Cuba.  Because the government pays for all healthcare in Cuba, they searched for reliable and inexpensive treatment options and rectal ozone insufflation is one of those!

So what types of illnesses are treated with rectal ozone insufflation?  You can treat almost anything that ozone therapy is used to treat using this method.

In fact, you can purchase a rectal ozone insufflation kit that has everything included to get going with ozone therapy for under $800!  So why wait?  Get going now and experience the power of zone!  Have questions? Write to us at for more information.

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Sorumlu Yazar: Özlem GÜZEL Istanbul Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi, Cerrahi Anabilim Dal, 34320,

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Geli? Tarihi /Received: 14.02.2011

Ozone is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms, formed as a result of oxygen being exposed to high-energy electric current and ultraviolet rays in nature. It is a powerful oxidising agent. Therefore, it has bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties. Ozone treatment is a therapy method consisting of mixing pure oxygen and ozone at certain ratios (0.05-5% O3; 95-99.95% O2) and administering this combination to the patient via different routes. Ozone has an oxidising effect on the organism and activates the antioxidant enzyme systems. It implements the release of cytokines such as interferons

and interleukins by leucocytes and stimulates the immune system. Ozone has 30 different methods of administration which can be classified under main headings such as; intravenous, intramuscular, transdermal, rectal insufflation and inhalation. Ozone treatment is used in wound healing, tumours, peritonitis cases, orthopaedic disorders, eye disorders and dentistry. This review aims to share the therapeutic effects and easy administration of ozone with colleagues and present as a new treatment procedure to veterinary practice in our country.