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Spring 2022 Ozone Training Class



This Two-Day training class is intended for veterinarians who want to become certified as ozone therapists. At O3Vets, we are firm believers in practical, interactive training that provides attendees with optimum value.  You will be encouraged to engage instructors during the lecture portions of this training and ask questions as they come to you.

DAY 1 – Feb 24, 2022 We will cover all the basics including history, biochemistry, techniques and protocols, indications and more.  Once a firm foundation has been laid in these, we will move to the hands-on portion of the training where students can practice what they are learning.

DAY 2 – Feb 25, 2022 All day will be dedicated to teaching Regenerative Injections. This treatment combines the benefits of Prolo Therapy or PRP with Ozone Therapy to produce a treatment that can be used for degenerative joints and spine. Morning lecture and afternoon hands-on. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to complete the following key tasks:

  • Describe the basic mechanism of action
  • Understand how to combine ozone and UBI
  • List the important resources available
  • Perform a variety of administration techniques
  • Determine when and how to use ozone therapy

LOCATION: 4575 Pet Lane Lutz, FL 33559

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