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President - Bioethicus

Dr. Jean Joaquim

Dr. Joaquim served on the IVAS Board of Directors (2014-2016) and World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Board of Directors (2014-2017). He works in the Veterinary of Acupuncture Service on Sao Paulo State University working with stem cell, neurology, rehabilitation and pain management and is the Scientific Coordinator of Bioethicus Institute. He has had the privilege of lecturing in Portugal, Venezuela, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Germany, USA, Russia and beyond and is the current president of the Brazilian Veterinary Ozone Therapy Association.

Integrative oncologist

Dr. Betsy hershey

Dr. Hershey has won numerous awards for her research on inhalation chemotherapy and vaccine sarcomas in cats and has been included in the Manchester Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals for her professional accolades and achievements. She has authored and co-authored multiple publications, including several book chapters. Dr. Hershey is a member of the Veterinary Cancer Society, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture and the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Hershey lives with her two children and an entourage of dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, tortoises and horses.

70,000+ Ozone treatments

Dr. Margo Roman

Dr. Roman Graduated Tuskegee University Veterinary School in 1978 before her Internship at Angel Memorial Animal Hospital.  She served as faculty for Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine (1979 - 1987). She is a national and international speaker on many topics pertaining to integrative medicine. She is the producer of Dr DoMore, a documentary preview and the Dr. ShowMore calendar through which millions have been exposed to other ways to help their health and that of their beloved animals. She has authored numerous articles and books for both professionals and laypersons on Ozone and other integrative topics.

Fox news correspondent

Dr. Jyl Rubin

Dr. Jyl has literally traveled the entire globe to broaden her extensive knowledge and embrace her love of animals. She has an avid interest in non-domestic (exotic) species. During her three years of volunteering at a primate and large cat sanctuary, she gained valuable experience in dealing with problems in exotic animals and pets. Dr. Jyl’s focus as a Veterinarian and Media Specialist is to be a positive influence in the way humans treat, interact, and co-exist with domestic, wild and exotic animals.

Chief veterinary officer - cbd dog health

Dr. Zac pilossoph

Dr. Pillossoph is Long Island, NY born, nationally recognized veterinary medical professional, a top graduate of Tufts University Veterinary School of Medicine with postgraduate focused training in E/CC and Neurology/Neurosurgery at two highly recognized programs in the country, and a young multidimensional serial entrepreneur, is rapidly helping to craft a new wave of diverse evolution and empowerment. In addition to launching several novel platforms in the extremely relevant mental wellness field, as well as establishing himself as one of the premier global veterinary cannabis educational experts, Dr. Pilossoph is assisting the advancement of the veterinary industry in more ways than one.

Founder - Pasco vet medical center

Marlene Siegel

Dr. Siegel is an international speaker and an innovator in integrative veterinary medicine. Her practice, Pasco Veterinary Medical Center, offers the widest array of alternative therapies and detoxification services in the country. She developed her own raw pet food company and supplements Passionate about education, she has on line programs for pet parents and veterinarians to teach integrative vet medicine. She is launching S’Paws Family Wellness in 2021, detox centers for pets and their parents.

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9:20 - 9:30

Welcome and Introduction

Jonathan Lowe - Founder of O3Vets

Jonathan Lowe will lay out an exciting agenda and prepare the way for an engaging and eventful day of learning and growth all centered around ozone therapy.

9:30 - 10:30

Understanding How Ozone Therapy Works to Help Choose the Administration Method

Dr. Zac Pilossoph

Understanding the mechanism of action in a way that your clients can understand will help cement when and how to apply ozone therapy to your patient.

10:30 - 11:30

How to advertise, educate staff, charge clients & make ozone a success

Dr. Marlene Siegel

Money is an energy. I believe the more good you do in the world, the more money will flow to and through you. But many people have “money blockages” that restrict the flow of money. This talk is intended to help practitioners incorporate ozone into their practices for the win-win, practicing better medicine, improving patient outcomes AND making financial sense to the practice. 

11:30 - 12:00


12:00 - 12:45

Novel Technique Demonstration
and Q&A

Dr. Margo Roman

Ozone + Acupuncture has been a treatment that many veterinarians are turning to. Dr. Roman will demonstrate her technique for this procedure and explain the details.

12:45 - 2:00


2:00 - 3:00

Considerations for Treating Exotics with Holistic Medicine and Ozone Therapy

Dr. Jyl Rubin

Demonstrating success in treating wild and exotic animals utilizing holistic medicine and ozone therapy in the veterinary field. Case presentations exemplify the need for utilizing ozone in all species of animals.

3:00 - 3:30

New Research Update

Dr. Jean Joaquim

 There have been scores of studies that were produced in 2020 alone. We will highlight the new information that was produced and discuss how it may effect the veterinary field.

3:30 - 4:00


4:00 - 5:00

Ozone Therapy for Cancer - An Integrative Oncologist's Perspective

Dr. Betsy Hershey

For years ozone therapy has been used to help treat cancer. Discover the utility of ozone and how it should be applied when dealing with various types of cancer.

5:00 - 5:15


5:15 - 6:00

Panel Discussion

All lecturers will come together to answer questions from virtual and onsite attendees.

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Interactive Education

You will stay busy and engaged. We are committed to a style of teaching that will keep you moving, interested and learning.

New Techniques

Learn the most recent and helpful ways to apply ozone to animals. This time will be used to show you a new or less common way to apply ozone.

Panel of Experts

We have assembled the most knowledgable ozone therapists on the planet. Together, they can help provide answers to your difficult questions.

Breakout Group Discussions

What good is an educational event if you don't leave having learned something that you can implement? This time will help reinforce how to practically implement the information in your clinic.

Here’s what people have said about the summit

Over 500 registered participants and 16 countries represented in 2020 

Dr. Jean Hollenstein

Owner - Glacial Ridge Vet Clinic

"Great speakers, wonderful information! So thankful for this!!!"

Dr. Jean Joaquim

President - Bioethicus

"I would like to thank you for the invitation to participate in this very select group. Great names proceeded me with excellent lectures! This event is a chance to show the world the effects of ozone and try to bring it to the status that it deserves."

Dr. Rose DiLeva

Founder - Animal Wellness Center

"Congratulations on a wonderful, wonderful conference. It was just great!"


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Digital Recordings

Aren't able to participate live? Miss part of the event? For everyone registered for the 2021 summit, you will receive access to the recordings which we will edit and upload to a special showcase on our Vimeo channel. From there, you'll be able to view directly or download to your computer.

Bonus 2
New! At-Home Protocol Videos

We're putting out a brand-new series of protocol videos that walks through how to do ozone therapy at home. For veterinarians, this will assist you in overseeing your clients who are administering ozone to their pets. For pet parents, these videos will answer a host of questions and help you to confidently administer ozone safely every time.

Bonus 3*
O3Vets T-Shirt

We hope that you're as crazy about ozone as we are. To display your love for this amazing treatment, we're going to provide all onsite participants with a FREE T-shirt.

*T-Shirts are only available to those participating onsite.

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Not knowing the facts is costing you...

Izzy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when only three-years-old and served with a dismal chance for survival.  Since the owners were not interested in pursuing traditional treatment methods due to the adverse side effects, it was determined that Izzy would be treated with ozone therapy. Dr. Hershey who is an integrative oncologist decided to utilize both local and systemic administration methods which they repeated weekly for a totally of eight weeks tapering off to monthly as time went on.  Astoundingly, Izzy had complete regression of her tumor after approximately six months of therapy and remains in regression four years later.  She continues to have maintenance treatments every two to three months and lives with her owners and inspire them to never give up.

At this summit, you will learn things that you never knew about ozone therapy that have the potential to be life-changing. Whether you're new to ozone or a 30 year veteran, you will benefit from this incredible event. Join won't regret it!


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A Personal Note

Ever since I started O3Vets in 2013, my goal has been to provide you with the best possible information on ozone therapy.  This event will bring together experienced ozone practitioners from around the world to help you understand and administer ozone. I sincerely hope that you are able to join us and that the unique format allows you to capture and retain this valuable information.