Ozone in Vet Medicine

Ozone in Vet Medicine

Ozone Therapy Machine in Vet Medicine

What does ozone do in the body?

  1. Ozone is a potent regulator of the immune system.
  2. Ozone stimulates increased uptake of oxygen.
  3. Ozone improves circulation.
  4. Ozone is a powerful mitochondrial stimulant.
  5. Ozone increases antioxidant protection.

When healthy, the body is able to rid itself of toxins which would otherwise accumulate to harmful levels through the process of oxidation.  Oxidation is the process wherein a substance is changed due to the effects of oxygen upon it.  Oxidation breaks the toxins down into carbon dioxide and water, and eliminates them from the body.  However, if the necessary oxygen is not available within the body (whether because of lack of exercise, environmental pollution, poor diet, smoking or improper breathing) our bodies cannot eliminate these toxins adequately and a toxic reaction can occur.  In minor cases, a toxic buildup can lead to fatigue, while a wide range of diseases can result when poor oxygenation is chronic.  Why does ozone work so well? Oxygen plays the most vital role for an optimum immune system and maintaining health. Along with food, it is the primary nutrient that cells use to generate energy for all of their functions. Oxygen regulates all activities of our bodies and also the bodies of our pets . Our ability to think, feel, and act comes from the energy created by the oxygen. Did you know that approximately 90% of our energy originates from oxygen?  The oxygen we breath is our most vital element for good health!  If ozone therapy is that effective why is it not more popular?

  • Some therapies take time to catch on.
  • Ozone therapy is in direct conflict with pharmaceutical companies.
  • Ozone therapy is not taught in the conventional medical colleges

Ozone therapy is very accepted and used in Germany where there are over 11,000 Drs doing over 1 million treatments per year.  World wide over 30,000 Drs use ozone as an effective and safe therapy.  What are the different ways in which ozone can be administered to animals? As a solo therapy, ozone can be administered in the following ways:

  1. DIV – Ozone gas is injected directly into the vein.
  2. MAHT – Blood is withdrawn and infused with ozone and then re-infused into the animal.
  3. MAHT – Blood (1-5ml) is withdrawn, infused with ozone and injected intra-muscularly
  4. Insufflation – Gas is infused through a body orphus
  5. Limb Bagging – Gas is bubbled through a liquid and into a bag that is sealed around an area of the body.
  6. Topically -With the use of oils (i.e. olive, hemp or jojobo).
  7. Water or saline – Ozonated water can be drunk and saline can be administered through an IV.  

Can ozone therapy be administered at home? It is possible to administer some of these treatments at home with the proper training. Ozone oils are available for home use.  Does ozone therapy really cure as many diseases as they claim? This is a tough question to answer, but ozone’s track record speaks for itself.  Because oxygen is such a rudimentary necessity, ozone is able to have a positive effect on a variety of diseases.

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