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It’s one thing for a doctor to break away from the office for a weekend, but for doctor and staff, it’s almost impossible. Because of that, we can bring our training to you. Get everyone from the receptionist to the doctor ready to go with ozone therapy. Understand how it works, when to use it, protocols and procedures, marketing, pricing and more! 

During our one-day course, you’ll learn all the basics of veterinary ozone therapy. We’ll be able to teach through our PowerPoints and videos but then have time for hands-on training with the animals in your clinic.

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Pet Owners
All Others

Although anyone can purchase them, these courses will be most helpful for veterinary professionals. We are working to produce pet owner specific courses.


Jonathan Lowe founded O3Vets in 2014 to bring ozone therapy to the animal kingdom. He has developed and taught courses on ozone therapy for animals all over the world. In 2018 his company received the innovation award from the IVC Journal for its work in ozone therapy. He is currently writing a book on ozone therapy for animals with the hopes of providing better, more accessible information to veterinarians and pet owners.


Your Clinic


1. Class Overview

2. Oxidative Therapy
  A.What it is

3. Ozone Overview
  A. Why use it
  B. Natural formation of ozone
  C. Synthetic formation of ozone
  D. Industrial uses
  E. Dangers of ozone
  F. Half-Life
  G. Concentrations

4. Methods of Administration
  B. Limb-Bagging
  C. Insufflation Techniques
  D. Fluids
  E. Oils

5. Medical History

6. Indications
  A. Categories
  B. Specific Areas

7. Contraindications

8. Ozone Videos
  A. Pain Management
  B. Drsozone.com

9. Biological & Clinical Effects
  A. Main Effect
  B. Secondary Effects
  C. Bocci Mechanism of Action

10. Major Works
  A. Bocci
  B. The Low-Dose Ozone Concept
  C. ISCO3
  D. The Madrid Declaration
  E. Ozone Therapy in Practice Manual

11. Ozone Studies
  A. Zotero
  B. Drsozone.com
  C. Books

12. Prolotherapy + Ozone
  A. Indications and Applications
  B. Solution
  C. Case Study

13. Equipment
  A. What’s needed
  B. Setup
  C. Ozone resistance

14. Client Education
  A. Available Materials
  B. Cost vs. Value

15. Ozone Oils
  A. Trustworthy sources
  B. Uses
  C. Limitations

16. O3UV Combination Therapy
  A. UltraImmunotherapy
  B. Medical Effects of light
  C. Combination of Ozone and Light
  D. Vasogen Studies

17. Clinical Applications & Observations

18. Hands-On Training


Will vet techs and front office staff benefit from this training?

Yes. We recommend at least one tech attends the training with the lead

Can I invite other clinics ot attend to defray the cost?

Yes, we will not limit the number of people or clinics that can participate. You may choose to charge them to attend.

Will we get a recording of this training?

A recording is available for an extra fee. Not all training courses will be recorded,
so the recording may be from another training.

Will the trainer be a veterinarian?

No. Currently, Jonathan Lowe is the trainer who is available to travel to your clinic, however, because of his extensive studies and experience, Jonathan is often involved in advising veterinarians on the use of ozone therapy

Will we have a wet lab?

We recommend having 3-4 patients available to treat.

Does this training include Prolo + Ozone

We will discuss and view the information, but at this time we do not offer a wet lab to teach Prolo + Ozone during our onsite training.

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