O3UV Equipment

O3UV Equipment

Holistic Pet Care Using UV Machine

Which UV machine is right for me?

It depends on whether you are treating large animals or just small animals.  With the Gorilla UV, you can treat both large (horses, cows…gorillas etc) and small (cats, dogs etc)  animals, while the Chimp UV is designed for animals up to about 200 lbs (including Chimps). 

When do I need to replace the bulbs in the UV machine?

We recommend replacing the bulb after 1,000 hrs. of use.  This is far less than the stated bulb life and will ensure peak energy performance. 

Do the machines require maintenance?

Both our UV and Ozone machines are virtually maintenance free.  Replacing fuses or bulbs may be necessary after the machine has been used for a period of time. 

How many times can I use the cuvette before replacing it?

The cuvette is a sterile single use product.  Re-sterilization of the cuvette is up to the discretion of the clinician

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