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You may feel like you don’t have the time or money to invest in a new modality.  We believe that you don’t have the time or money not to.  We’ve made it very affordable by packing everything you need to know into a one to two day class.  Can’t make the class?  We can provide you with support over the phone and through our video library.

Are you new to ozone and need some direction?  Write us and ask for the very first Veterinary Ozone Treatment Guide!


You can:

  • register for an upcoming training class
  • watch pre-recorded webinar
  • browse our video collection
  • check out the studies

About O3VETS

O3Vets is a company that supplies quality veterinary equipment and tools without breaking the bank.

We are the first one to provide Holistic Veterinarians with Ozone therapy and Ultraviolet blood irradiation equipment as well as the training needed so as to have the knowledge on how to use every tool.

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