Dr. Scott Bennett

It’s time like these when we stop and reflect

What’s the value of a life well-lived?

What does it mean to live life well?

Is death the end?

Do we ever recover from losing someone we love?

The questions are endless, but we are not, and that is why I am writing this blog.

On June 4, 2020, Dr. Scott Bennett passed away

I knew Dr. Bennett as an innovative, bold veterinarian with a love for what he did. The interest that he took in ozone therapy was where we connected, but this was just a small part of who he was.

He was a husband, a father and a son, and I am sure that I can say he will be missed immensely by his family. We, as those who knew him professionally, will also miss him, and yet the memory of what he stood for will continue on.

What’s truly important in life

This blog may be read by many people who I don’t know personally, and because of that, there is the very real chance that I will offend some, but that is a risk I feel I must take at times. Business and success in business must take a back seat to what truly is important in life.

For some, family is the most important thing.

For others, it’s their career…

Some want only to enjoy life to its fullest…

Whatever it is, we all pursue something, and we pursue it relentlessly. I want to go back to one question that I asked at the beginning.

What does it mean to live life well?

Yesterday, I finished reading the Book of Ecclesiastes and it ends like this:

Now all has been heard;

here is the conclusion of the matter:

Fear God and keep his commandments,

for this is the duty of all mankind.

For God will bring every deed into judgment,

including every hidden thing,

whether it is good or evil.

I will boldly state that I believe a life well-lived is a life lived not for myself, my career or my family, but for the One who created me. Let me also state that I do a pretty poor job of this…which is why the gospel of Jesus Christ as laid out in the Bible is so crucial.

Essentially, it’s this: Christ died for my sins and was raised to life to pay the debt that I owed to God but would never in a thousand lifetimes be able to pay. The good news is that, through turning from my own way to faith in Christ and what He did, His goodness is credited to me, and He takes my sin upon Himself. This transforms how I live.

So, there it is. We remember Dr. Bennett and his legacy and are also prompted to consider our own state.

May this blog be a blessing for you today.


Jonathan Lowe

If you would like to read Dr. Bennett’s obituary, please click here.



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Suzan Scott
Suzan Scott
1 year ago

This is a BEAUTIFUL and LIFE GIVING blog!
Thank you for boldly standing for what you believe and WHO you put your trust in!
May God richly bless you….In Jesus name….AMEN!

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