Kathy Backus

Dr. Kathy Backus DVM has been a veterinarian since 1996. She graduated from The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine and received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Cincinnati.

She’s been a full time practicing veterinarian and solo practice owner for over a decade in rural Kanab, UT; gaining experience in all aspects and with all species encountered in veterinary medicine. This practice is an integrative practice, blending traditional and holistic medicine.

Dr. Kathy Backus DVM has always had an interest in holistic medicine earning an acupuncture scholarship through IVAS during veterinary school. She has been involved with holistic veterinarians through the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association since veterinary school, founding a chapter at Ohio State. This connection has been a literal spiritual lifeline, supporting her exploration of a holistic medical paradigm over the years and connecting with mentors that keep her inspired and grateful for the shared journey.