Dr. Arthur Guyton wrote the textbook on medical physiology and he had this to say about the importance of oxygen utilization,

“All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level.” 

We now have an easy, fast and effective way to address that. Ozone therapy is a safe, easy treatment that we’re using in a lot of our protocols now because it improves oxygen levels and strengthens the immune system. It has been successfully used as a front line or adjunctive treatment for a range of conditions including infections, autoimmune, circulatory and cancer.



Ozone is a very powerful form of oxygen…it’s actually an energized, unstable form of oxygen. We also know that ozone is a highly reactive gas. It’s a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms that are sharing electrons. Because it’s reactive, it reverts fairly quickly back into oxygen which means that we can’t store it very long…but that reactivity also makes it powerful. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful sterilizers on earth and when used properly, this is a good thing.

Now when we talk about ozone therapy, we’re talking about a therapeutic way to utilize ozone gas. And to do that, we are going to need an ozone generator. So unlike ozone that is created in the atmosphere or in our troposphere here near the earth’s surface, we use an ozone generator designed for medical use along with pure medical-grade oxygen to produce the ozone that we’ll treat our animals with.



Let me give you a functional definition of ozone therapy that will help us understand it.

“Ozone therapy is a medical treatment that uses activated oxygen (ozone) to treat many chronic and acute diseases. It is a biological response modifier that increases oxygen utilization, optimizes mitochondrial function and improves cellular health. It can be applied topically, infused into the blood and tissue through various means or introduced into a fluid or oil which acts as a carrier.”



One of the reasons that ozone therapy is so valuable, is because of its versatility. It can be applied in many ways including:



It’s tempting to write off a treatment that you’ve never heard of but that would be a mistake. Ozone therapy has thousands of research articles and studies that have been done to prove that it works. Besides that, thousands of animals have experienced the benefit of ozone.

If you would like to find out more about this treatment, you can visit this YouTube channel.



 “Bella was diagnosed with hemangioma sarcoma 7 months ago and seems to be doing very well…. as I said ozone has been a miracle for Bella.”  – Kris Ilkov

“Ozone therapy was one of the recommended treatments and so we started using it with Baja and noticed a difference almost right away. I think it’s been a major contributor to having him around a year longer.” – Jeff Sharp

“I think the ozone gives you an opportunity to enhance your pet’s health and prevent bad things from happening….it just keeps giving you hope.”  – Darcy Buller

You’ve heard so much about the benefits of ozone therapy and have decided that you want to start practicing ozone therapy for the patients in your veterinary clinic or at home for your pet.

You know that you need an ozone generator, but how do you choose the right one to perform the ozone therapy administration methods you plan to use and meet all your other ozone therapy needs?

Because ozone generators come in all sizes and variations, you may want to ask yourself the following questions to determine which ozone generator is for you.

1. Where Will I Be Using My Ozone Generator?

If you have a veterinary practice, will you be administering ozone therapy in your clinic, or is the practice mobile? Will you be performing ozone therapy on small or large animals? Will the ozone generator be used in a building? A home? A barn? In a pasture?

If you are a pet owner, rancher or farmer administering ozone therapy at home, will you be treating one small kitten? Three medium-sized dogs? A large horse? A herd of cows?

2. What Am I Treating? What Methods of Ozone Therapy Will I Be Administering? What Do I Want to Accomplish with My Ozone Generator?

Depending on what illnesses you are treating and what ozone therapy administration methods you plan to use, you will want to make sure that the ozone generator you purchase is adaptable for the ozone therapy accessories you will need.

For example:

3. How Much Can I Afford to Pay for My Ozone Generator?

Sometimes it just comes down to cost when determining which ozone generator to choose. Are you on a shoestring budget? Will purchasing an ozone generator pay for itself in the long run? How long do you plan to use your ozone generator?

If you are a practicing veterinarian, and the initial investment cost of an ozone generator is your primary concern, you should be aware that ozone therapy can bring in huge profits per year. Of course, this is dependent on your patient load, how many ozone therapy administration methods you are utilizing and how often your patients are treated. Typically, though, you will certainly make a profit over the generator’s lifetime regardless of which model of ozone generator you choose.

Dr. Rose DiLeva, Veterinarian and Owner of Animal Wellness Center in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, http://www.altpetdoc.com/ purchased the ozone generator that her clinic uses in September 2019, and, within less than three months, the profits taken in by the clinic for ozone therapy treatments not only paid for her ozone generator, but also for the many  accessories she purchased to perform ozone therapy.

This chart shows the average times and costs associated with providing ozone therapy treatments via various administration methods and the average charges that customers pay for each ozone therapy service. Imagine how quickly the initial investment of purchasing an ozone generator would be consumed and paid for!

If you are a pet owner who takes your pet to a vet clinic or uses a mobile vet for ozone therapy treatments, you know that the cost for these treatments can add up quickly. Not only do you incur costs for the ozone therapy treatments, you also have to pay for the gas to get there and make the time to travel to the clinic. But, what if you had your own ozone generator at your disposal and could treat your pet right in the comfort of your own home? Obviously, your ozone generator would be paid for in no time at all, and you and your pet wouldn’t have to endure a trip to the vet weekly or even more often.

4. Is the Ozone Generator Easy to Use?

Not too many of us can claim to be a rocket scientist! And, you shouldn’t have to be one to operate an ozone generator.

Most veterinarians and pet owners are probably hoping to purchase an ozone generator that is relatively simple to use yet provides the necessary components for ozone therapy to be administered in numerous ways.

A veterinarian may want an ozone generator that doesn’t require a mathematician to determine the concentrations and flow rates of various ozone therapy administration methods. There are ozone generators out there that digitally provide this information via a simple touch or slide of a button or two. Perhaps a veterinarian wants an ozone generator that will turn itself off once an ozone insufflation bag or syringe has been filled to the desired amount. There are ozone generators out there that provide this as well.

A pet owner may want an ozone generator that requires nothing more than being hooked up to an oxygen tank and plugged in. Yes, there are ozone generators out there that are really that simple to use!

5. Is the Ozone Generator Safe to Use in My Environment? What Materials is the Ozone Generator Made Of?

You’ve heard it a million times, “Safety first!”

This couldn’t be more true in the world of ozone therapy. Safety is ESSENTIAL and should be your first priority when choosing an ozone generator and administering ozone therapy to animals.

On that note, whichever ozone generator you select MUST have a fully reliable internal cooling/ventilation system that will interrupt the ozone being generated when sufficient cooling is not warranted. ISCO3 stresses this in their publication https://isco3.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/GUIDELINES-FOR-OZONE-GENERATORS.pdf.

The ISCO3 also alerts buyers to make sure the material that comprises the electrodes is of high-quality and able to withstand long-term and frequent exposure to high electric energy. You are probably muttering to yourself, “Well, I’m not a rocket scientist, so how do I know what materials those would be?” The most recommended material for ozone generator electrodes is Quartz glass. So, you want your generator’s electrode material and the ozone produced to come into contact with Quartz glass.

Caution should also be taken when choosing the accessories you need for your ozone generator to safely administer ozone therapy treatments. Only ozone-resistant materials should come into contact with ozone.

Materials that should NOT come into contact with ozone include many types of metals and plastics. Of course there are varying levels of ozone-resistance and you can find a chart of these in the pdf document that you will find at this link. Because ozone can quickly break certain products down, we want to be extra careful to use ozone generators and accessories that have been designed with ozone compatible materials. You can find many of these for veterinary use at O3Vets.com.

An organization called Ozone Research Group indicates that, if ozone is handled well, it is a safe gas. However, precaution is REQUIRED for maintenance as well as equipment malfunction and reliability.

So, do yourself and the animals you are treating a favor, and don’t neglect safety when trying to decide on an ozone generator.

6. Will the Ozone Generator Produce MEDICAL Grade Ozone?

When choosing an ozone generator, bear in mind that not all ozone generators are created equal.

Though Drsozone.com pertains to humans, they hit it head on by stating “Medical grade (sometimes called laboratory grade, pure grade, etc.) will ALWAYS use pure oxygen to make ozone.” https://www.drsozone.com/equipment/. But, what does this mean? This statement means that the ozone used for people and animals should be medical grade, and medical-grade ozone can only be produced by using pure oxygen.

Though it may sound confusing, this does not mean that the oxygen you use to operate your ozone generator has to come from a medical supply store. It means that you should use PURE oxygen when running your ozone generator. PURE oxygen can be found in the types of oxygen tanks you get from both medical supply and industrial oxygen sources.

Maybe this blog will help clarify the oxygen source you choose to operate your ozone generator.  https://www.o3vets.com/how-to-find-oxygen-for-ozone-therapy/

7. Which Ozone Generator Will Provide Accuracy in The Ozone Concentrations I Need to Provide Successful Ozone Therapy Treatments?

The Ozone Research Group emphasizes that, when using an ozone generator for ozone therapy treatments, you want the generator to be stable in its concentration because the concentration and the duration of an ozone treatment are what determine the success or failure of the ozone treatment.

Companies that sell ozone generators sometimes show this by placing lists or tables on the face of the ozone generator, which show the ozone concentration, the oxygen regulator setting and sometimes the flow rate. Higher-end ozone generator models often use digital indicators to show concentration levels. https://medicalozone.info/how-to-choose-medical-ozone-generators/

Like most of you, I am far from a rocket scientist, but I do know that only the best companies that sell ozone generators have knowledgeable staff who are available to answer questions, guide customers through the ozone generator selection process AND provide training on how to use their equipment. O3Vets is one such company!

O3Vets has a selection of quality professional and home-use ozone generators to choose from. These generators have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards using state-of-the-art technology.

So, which ozone generator will be best for you??

Visit our website today and get your pet on the track to better health today!



You may have heard the term “rectal ozone” or “rectal ozone insufflation” and wondered, “Now how does that work!?”  I’m here to tell you that although it may not sound all that wonderful, rectal ozone insufflation is a fantastic and simple way to do ozone therapy.  There are at least seven different ways that a doctor or veterinarian can treat a patient with ozone therapy.  Major Autohemotherapy, Vaginal insufflation, Rectal insufflation and ozonated saline account for the primary ways in which a health provider will treat many chronic and acute conditions.  Some of the other methods are used in specific conditions but we’re not going to focus on them now.Hummingbird rectal ozone therapy kit

If you have heard about ozone therapy and all of its health benefits it may interest you to know that you can perform either vaginal or rectal ozone insufflation on your pets in the comfort of your home!  That’s right, you don’t even have to visit the vet.  Rectal insufflation in particular has been used for many years as the primary form of ozone therapy administration used in Cuba.  Because the government pays for all healthcare in Cuba, they searched for reliable and inexpensive treatment options and rectal ozone insufflation is one of those!

So what types of illnesses are treated with rectal ozone insufflation?  You can treat almost anything that ozone therapy is used to treat using this method.

In fact, you can purchase a rectal ozone insufflation kit that has everything included to get going with ozone therapy for under $800!  So why wait?  Get going now and experience the power of zone!  Have questions? Write to us at [email protected] for more information.

Ozone therapy has been in use in the United States since 2009. It is based on a discovery by the Dutch physicist Martinus Van Marum and was later synthesized to treat a variety of illnesses in both humans and animals. Many animal lovers and veterinarians alike seek alternative treatments to ailments ranging from gangrenous lesions to urinary tract obstructions to cancer. Holistic treatments such as Ozone Therapy can and should be explored as a safe and effective way to care for the animals that we love. Many ozone treatment options should be done under the care of a knowledgeable veterinarian. However, some ozone treatment options can be performed at home, like Ozone Rectal Insufflation.

What is Ozone Rectal insufflation?

In the 1930s, Payr and Aubourg, European physicians, were the first to introduce rectal insufflation as an Ozone application method. Ozone Rectal Insufflation is one of the safest methods of ozone application, making it an ideal holistic treatment option for many types of diseases afflicting animals. Side effects are virtually non-existent and little to no pain and discomfort is experienced.

In this method of application, ozone is applied to the animal inside the rectum. After being applied to the rectum, the ozone is absorbed into the intestine. Administration is very easy, and many people can treat their animals in their own home in a loving and friendly environment.

What materials are needed to get started?

The O3 Vets Ozone Administration Kit contains the ozone resistant insufflation bag, catheter, and syringes. You will also need:

What do I need to know to get started?

If you’re new to holistic therapies, it’s very normal and expected to be nervous about it. Rectal insufflation is practiced around the world and is very easy and safe.

Concentration: 35 μg/ ml
Total ml to administer: 1 ml per lb
Frequency: 2 times per week
# of Treatments 10-20

You will need to set your machine to produce the proper concentration of ozone. Afterwards, connect your insufflation bag to the device and produce the ozone. Once the bag is filled, disconnect the bag from the ozone generator and connect the catheter. Use a lubricant such as olive oil to lubricate the catheter. Insert the catheter into the rectum and slowly apply the ozone. Check out the following links or contact us for more information!



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Animal Therapy : Ozone and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation 101

Are you considering adding ozone and ultraviolet blood irradiation to your veterinary services but don’t know where to begin? Well here are a few basics about what it is, how it works and tips for choosing the right machine for your needs.

The protocol simply combines two individual treatments – Major or Minor Auto Hemo Therapy (MAHT or mAHT respectively) and ultraviolet blood irradiation, both of which offer significant benefits on their own. Together, however, they have proven to be safe, effective and a valuable asset, especially when conventional treatments fail.

Specifically, ozone and ultraviolet blood irradiation combined involves extracting blood from the patient, diluting the blood with saline in a bag, infusing the mixture with ozone created in an ozone generator, pumping the mixture through cuvette tubing into a ultraviolet light machine and back into the blood bag, and finally, re-injecting the treated blood into the patient.

In daily practice, veterinarians nationwide are seeing excellent results using the combined therapies to treat a broad range of conditions, diseases and injuries because it works to stimulate the immune system, detoxify the body, provide antioxidant protection, and improve oxygen uptake. Like any therapy, protocols must be followed (here’s a good example http://o3vets.com/o3uv-less-than-20-lbs-protocol/#) and the number of therapy sessions will be determined by factors like the patient’s overall health and whether the condition is chronic or acute. Acute illnesses can often be remedied with 1-3 treatments while chronic illnesses may require as many as 10-12 sessions, with a response from most illnesses seen within 4-5 treatments. If no response is seen by that point, the clinician should evaluate whether ozone and ultraviolet blood irradiation will be an effective method of treatment for the animal, illness or condition.

According to O3UV pioneer Dr. Frank Shallenberger,

“O3UV stimulates and stabilizes rather than suppressing biological functions… [O3UV] itself does not produce the healing effect. Instead, it induces the body’s innate healing mechanisms to create the healing effect. Thus, unlike medications and herbs, it can be successfully used in essentially every medical condition regardless of the diagnosis.”

When deciding which machines to purchase for generating ozone and providing ultraviolet blood irradiation, there a few things to keep in mind. First, when it comes to ozone, you will want a machine that can be used to ozonate water/saline and oils as well as for infusing blood. Other attributes to consider are whether it can measure the ozone concentration in real time in both gas and water.

Regarding ultraviolet machines, the ideal machine utilizes light energy across the entire spectrum including UVA, UVC and blue light energy. To maximize photonic benefits, a 360° interface is preferable, allowing the blood to receive the highest possible level of exposure. At the same time, a machine that requires minimal maintenance is also a strong point, and users should never have to do anything except change lamps and fuses over the life of the machine. Also helpful is an ultraviolet light irradiation machine with an hour counter to track lamp usage. One more thing to think about before purchasing is whether the machine is available in the correct voltage for your country – either 110v or 230v.

Still unsure? Consider joining us in June at SOPVet 2015 Snowbird, Utah for a full day of ozone and ultraviolet blood irradiation Pre-Conference training followed by the two-day SOPMed Conference with sessions covering UV, ozone, light and lasers, magnetics, oxidation: redox, and much, much more. Vets attending both the Pre-Conference and main Conference qualify for a discount! Check it out at. https://sopvet.com/