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My mom was out of viable options. She had nowhere to turn. She felt disillusioned and desperate. That is, until….


Hi everyone! I'm Cello. I am not, by any standards, just an ordinary pup.Why you ask? Well, because I have first-paw exp... Read More

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Is Rectal Insufflation The Best All-Around Ozone Treatment?

There are over 14 different ways to administer ozone therapy. Why is rectal insufflation at the top of the list? In this article, we will answer that question and give you some practical information for performing this treatment. As ozone therapy gains popularity in the veterinarian world and ... Read More

How Ozone Therapy Delivered a Horse of the Year – Misty’s Story

Her name is Misty, and she’s a beautiful mare. Ozone therapy proved to be the one and only treatment that would free her of a relentless infection. Several years ago, Misty had given birth to a foal and, unfortunately, suffered a post-partum retained placenta shortly after the foal’s arrival. ... Read More


Ozone, a Brief Introduction

Ozone was discovered in 1785 by Dutch physicist Martinus Van Marum, who smelled a peculiar sent w...

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The Role of Ozone Therapy to Treat Cancer in Animals

Something is just not right with your beloved pet. You dread the appointment you just made with y...

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