Hello, I’m

Jonathan Lowe

Back a few years ago I was working hand-in-hand with my father to develop ozone therapy and ultraviolet blood irradiation in the medical field.  I recognized all of the benefits that we were bringing to the human community but how the animal kingdom was being largely ignored.  With some prodding from Margo Roman, I ventured out and started O3Vets.  Since 2015 we’ve been serving the veterinary community from right here in Lansing, Michigan.  Running this business satisfies my eagerness to help provide natural healing therapies for our beloved animals.



We’ll be with you every step of the way as you venture into the world of ozone therapy and other alternative modalities that we offer.  We want you to succeed at life and if we can contribute to that, all the better!

Our Mission

We are passionate about seeing animals not just live, but thrive.  We are here to make alternatives the first choice, not just a last ditch effort because we know that these treatments can have an incredibly positive effect.