Effectiveness of chemotherapy in combination with electrophoresis and ultraviolet irradiation of blood in newly diagnosed patients with destructive pulmonary tuberculosis.

Probl Tuberk. 1995;(3):20-2.

Zhadnov VZMishanov RFKuznetsov AAShprykov ASRyzhakova TM.


Efficacy of inpatient treatment was compared for 222 new-onset cases of destructive tuberculosis of the lungs. 86 patients received chemotherapy plus electrophoresis and UV blood irradiation (group 1), 136 patients received chemotherapy alone (group 2). Group 1 patients benefitted more; bacterial discharge ceased in 100%, destruction in 89% of patients within 3 months against 59% and 38%, respectively, in controls. Combined therapy prevents toxic allergic reactions and shortens hospital stay by 48 days.

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